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Common Questions:

What kind of fish are found in North Carolina?

North Carolina's waters are home to a diverse range of fish, and with Pamlico Pirate Fishing Charters led by the experienced Captain Dave, anglers can encounter an impressive variety. Navigating through the Neuse River, Pamlico River, and Pamlico Sound, Captain Dave's charters offer opportunities to catch popular species such as Redfish and Tarpon.

What is the biggest fish in North Carolina?

The biggest fish in North Carolina's waters include the impressive Redfish, and with Pamlico Pirate Fishing Charters under the expert guidance of Captain Dave, anglers have the opportunity to target these trophy-sized catches.

What do you need to fish in North Carolina?

A fishing license and you're good to go! Pamlico Pirate Fishing Charters will be providing you with the best rods, reels, lures, and tackles so you have nothing to worry about and can proceed with your amazing fishing trip.