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Pamlico Pirate Fishing Charters provides you with the most recent fishing report and updates in North Carolina. Here you can find up-to-date information regarding fishing, which fish are getting hooked and where, and such. Our North Carolina fishing report will provide you with real-time information with regards to fish species, optimal time and location to fish, and techniques to make your fishing trip an amazing experience.

We have been getting asked these questions a lot. What fish are running in North Carolina? Is North Carolina a good fishing state? What fish are in season in NC? North Carolina boasts an incredible array of fish, and with Pamlico Pirate Fishing Charters and the expert guidance of Captain Dave, anglers can experience the thrill of reeling in some of the best catches in the state! From Redfish to Tarpon, these waters are teeming with a variety of species, making North Carolina a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Captain Dave's charters navigate the fruitful waters of the Neuse River, Pamlico River, and Pamlico Sound, ensuring that anglers have the opportunity to target trophy fish all year round. With each season offering its own bounty, whether it's the excitement of Redfish in summer or the thrill of Tarpon in fall, Pamlico Pirate Fishing Charters guarantees an unforgettable and rewarding fishing experience in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

Our North Carolina Fishing Charters is led by Captain Dave Hegel, a master angler with 40 years of fishing experience. Immerse yourself in the great blue waters with a delightful fishing trip from us. Tell us which fish you would like to catch, and Captain Dave will show you where and how to catch it. Our rates are specially designed to cater for each fishing season and are sure to fit your time and budget. Fishes we usually catch are redfish, sea trout, striped bass, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, old “bull” drum, tarpon, puppy drum, and flounder. All these will guarantee you a great fishing experience and a rewarding day out in the beautiful shores of North Carolina.

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Trout moving out of creeks fishing report coverpicture

March 10, 2024

Trout moving out of creeks

Spring Trout Bite
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Neuse River Fishing fishing report coverpicture

January 5, 2024

Neuse River Fishing

Great beginning to the year! Despite the obstacles faced during our fishing expedition in North Carolina, these individuals successfully managed to catch some fish. Our inshore fishing adventure resulted in bountiful catches, including some incredible redfish!
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Winter Trout fishing report coverpicture

December 5, 2023

Winter Trout

Winter trout bite is HOT! Fish are between creek entrances & as far back as you can get. Fish SLOW & then slow down more. Mid Day seems to be peak. Twitch and pause long enough to check your emails. There are some puppy drum schools running as a bonus catch. Mark deep holes and bait with electronics.
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Neuse River Trout & Redfish fishing report coverpicture

August 5, 2023

Neuse River Trout & Redfish

Bait balls are starting to become prevalent in the main river, meaning the Bull drum (old drum for us NC people) are going to be in the main river coming to spawn. Today we had one break us off on the Neuse River near Oriental, NC. Angie Lewis of Kenly, NC; did land this beautiful 24" citation trout as well as other fish including blue fish. We are days away from the legendary bait ball bonanza that make this Redfish area the home of 18 of 24 IGFA world records!
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Bull Drum are arriving fishing report coverpicture

July 12, 2023

Bull Drum are arriving

Water temperature is up (91 degree water today) and Tarpon & Old Drum (Bulls) are in the Neuse River. We caught a 42" Red today. Covered a lot of water to find fish. focus on bait balks. SW winds will drop the water level and fish seem to be on ledges. Live bait, popping corks and swim baits are your best bet. Go early, the mid day heat makes for a difficult catch. 
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Pamlico Sound & Neuse River July fishing report coverpicture

July 2, 2023

Pamlico Sound & Neuse River July

Water Temperature is right for Tarpon migration & Old Drum (Bulls). Bait balls are present already in the rivers & bluefish schools are everywhere. Great catches of slot drum & trout in main river and sound. Some old drum are already being caught on some trips. As always, the best fishing is rising water from wind tides. Shouldn't be long before the Old Drum schools are around the bait balls. Tarpon rolls are being spotted near the river mouths. Night fishing already productive on the shoals. 
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June Baitfish are everywhere  fishing report coverpicture

June 17, 2023

June Baitfish are everywhere

The Neuse River & Pamlico Sound have seen an early arrival of baitfish this year. Blue Fish are schooling at the mouth of the Neuse and numerous slot drum and big trout have been caught.